Welcome to the website for EASTAR Health System!

When Muskogee Regional Medical Center and Muskogee Community Hospital joined together in 2012 to form EASTAR Health System, it was an exciting new beginning. And, we are already on our way to achieving many of our goals.

As you well know, Eastern Oklahoma is unique in its rich heritage and topography. It is an area that shares many cultural differences but shares many common goals and desires.

Along with quality education for children, jobs, and a wonderful landscape to enrich life, you want the type of healthcare that meets all of your needs. At EASTAR Health System, our Board of Trustees, medical staff, volunteers and all of our employees want that for you as well.


Our vision is to create a new healthcare system for Eastern Oklahoma that:

  • is known for high-quality, cost-effective care;
  • meets our community’s needs close to home, so patients don’t have to travel far;
  • offers convenient access;
  • allows for greater collaboration; and
  • builds upon existing services and brings new and more complex services that we have today.

This vision is what’s guiding our plans for the future.

We believe –

  • That you should have healthcare services that meet and exceed your expectations and place our hospital shoulder to shoulder with all other institutions in the region because you deserve nothing less.
  • That our service should be friendly, compassionate, professional, caring and efficient because you deserve nothing less.
  • That you should be proud of your hospital not just for its rich history of service to the community but for how it treats patients today, tomorrow and in the future because you deserve nothing less.
  • That it will take our personal commitment to the highest quality of care and customer satisfaction that will make the difference because you are very special to us and deserve nothing less.

At the end of the day we must show you that we are committed by our actions and deeds, because our goal is to become or remain the health provider of choice for you and your family.


Thank you for your support,

Tony Young

Chief Executive Officer