The medical staff at EASTAR Health System represents a wide variety of medical specialties. Because our range of physician services is so comprehensive, EASTAR Health System is able to provide a continuum of care for almost any medical condition, including primary, secondary and tertiary care.

If you are physician seeking new opportunities with a strong, well-established medical practice, please click on Practice Opportunities to review our current opportunities.

Locating a doctor or finding more information about a physician is easy and convenient. Just search our physician directory either by name or by medical specialty.

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Photo of Zubair Ahmad, MD

Zubair Ahmad, MD

Address 2000 S. Wheeling Ave #510 Tulsa OK 74104 Phone: 918-747-5200Fax: 918-858-0290
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Photo of Mazen Al-Hamwy, MD

Mazen Al-Hamwy, MD

EASTAR ClinicsCardiovascular Medicine
Address 4318 W. Okmulgee Street Muskogee OK 74401 Phone: 918-683-1238
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Photo of Keah Allen, APRN-CNP

Keah Allen, APRN-CNP

EASTAR Clinics Internal Medicine
Address 3332 W Okmulgee St. Muskogee OK 74401 Phone: 918-682-2481
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Photo of Azzam Almounajjed, MD

Azzam Almounajjed, MD

Internal Medicine
Address 3900 W Broadway Muskogee OK 74401 Phone: 918-682-8612
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Photo of Russell W. Anderson, MD

Russell W. Anderson, MD

Green Country Emergency PhysiciansEmergency Medicine
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Photo of Keri A. Anderson, PA

Keri A. Anderson, PA

Physician Assistant
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Photo of Lori Arney, DO

Lori Arney, DO

EASTAR Clinics – Fort GibsonInternal Medicine
Address 108 Lone Oak Circle Fort Gibson OK 74434 Phone: 918-478-6005
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Photo of Terrie Atchison, NP

Terrie Atchison, NP

EASTAR Clinics – NeonatologyNeonatology, Nurse Practitioner
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Photo of Dwayne Atwell, MD

Dwayne Atwell, MD

Address 251 S 37th Street Muskogee OK 74401-2123 Phone: 918-683-0121
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No Photo Available

Kanwaljit Aulakh, MD

Address 4142 S. Mingo Road Tulsa OK 74146 Phone: 918-744-2553Fax: 918-744-3482
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No Photo Available

Sherri Baker, MD

Pediatric Medicine
Address 1200 Everett Drive Suite NP 2350 Oklahoma City OK 73104 Phone: 405-271-4411
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Photo of Jonathan M. Baldwin, MD

Jonathan M. Baldwin, MD

EASTAR ClinicsObstetrics & Gynecology
Address 161 ECO Friendly Drive Suite 101 Muskogee OK 74401 Phone: 918-686-5399Fax: 918-684-3229
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Photo of James H. Beebe, MD

James H. Beebe, MD

EASTAR ClinicsFamily Practice
Address Muskogee Medical Associates at Providence 101 Rockefeller Drive Suite 203 Muskogee OK 74401 Phone: 918-681-6847
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No Photo Available

Jeff Benson

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No Photo Available

Zeyfoula Beytoula, MD

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Photo of Kusum Bhandari, MD

Kusum Bhandari, MD

Address 1124 S. St. Louis Tulsa OK 74120 Phone: 918-592-0296
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Photo of David J. Bishop, CRNA

David J. Bishop, CRNA

Address Long Avenue Drive #9 Romona OK 74061 Phone: 918-521-5659
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Photo of Brian Bock, MD

Brian Bock, MD

Address 1923 South Utica Tulsa OK 74104 Phone: 918-744-2553
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Photo of Ulysses S. Bowler, MD

Ulysses S. Bowler, MD

Address 211 S. 36th ST. Suite F Muskogee OK 74401 Phone: 918-781-9466
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Photo of Edgar M Boyd, MD

Edgar M Boyd, MD

EASTAR ClinicsOtorhinolaryngology
Address 101 Rockefeller Dirve Suite 201 Muskogee OK 74401 Phone: 918-682-4580
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