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EASTAR Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

A traumatic illness, injury or surgery is a disruption that many people will face at some point in their life. Rehabilitation can be the most important element of the healing process, determining the difference between disability and returning to a normal lifestyle. Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies play an integral role toward regaining independence, self-reliance and confidence. We are excited to provide outstanding Acute and Inpatient Rehabilitation Services at EASTAR Health System.

Our commitment is to help each patient achieve the highest level of function and independence.

Acute Medical Rehabilitation

EASTAR Health Services Acute Medical Rehabilitation services offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology to patients who have changes in function and health status during their hospital stay from injury, illness or disease.

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

The EASTAR Health Services Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Center is a 26-bed unit providing a comprehensive, hospital physical rehabilitation program exclusively for the treatment of those who have experienced a disabling injury or illness. Patients are provided 24-hour nursing care, intensive therapy and close supervision by a physician specifically trained in Rehabilitation Medicine. We realize that recovery from a life-altering injury or illness is a very personal process. Therefore, every treatment plan is individually developed to guide each patient toward the best possible medical and functional outcomes. This team-focused treatment plan is a collaborative effort of the patient, family, rehab-team and led by the Rehab physician. The treatment plan includes at least 3 hours of therapy per day, at least 5 per week or that which would total 15 hrs of therapy over 6 days. Families and caregivers are highly encouraged to participate in therapy sessions. Family/caregiver involvement is critical to the patient’s success.

Our experienced rehabilitation team is made up of:

  • Physiatrists (Physicians who specialize in Pain Management, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine)
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech-Language Therapists
  • Nurses who are experienced in Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Social Workers who begin discharge planning upon admission to ensure a smooth transition
  • Other services such as Nutritionist, psychologist and orthotics

Our Rehabilitation Program has many services and benefits, including:

  • Separate and large physical and occupational therapy gyms
  • Variety of equipment and services including power parallel bars, car transfer simulator, Biodex Gait Trainer and Wii-Habilitation
  • Wheelchair accessible vegetable & flower gardens
  • Wheelchair accessible patio
  • Transitional apartment, full kitchen, and laundry room for relearning everyday living skills such as cooking, household activities, grooming and showering
  • A separate speech pathology clinic allows for address swallowing, speech, language and cognition skills
  • Spacious patient and family dining area for meals, socialization and gatherings

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Acute Inpatient Rehab Unit requires:

  1. Meeting criteria developed by Medicare and private insurance payers.
  2. Screening and acceptance by the Physiatrist and Program Director for medical need and stability
  3. Meeting therapeutic need

Our expert staff is proficient and knowledgeable in these criteria, they will be glad to help you.

Length of Stay and Discharge Information

Length of stay is determined by a number of factors including the ability of the patient to participate in therapy sessions, the potential to make substantial gain and support available upon discharge. Length of stay will be decided after the therapeutic plan is developed and goals have been set.

Discharge planning begins before a patient is admitted. Families should identify people who can provide support (care, supervision, housekeeping, etc.) if necessary when a patient is discharged. Although everyone is hopeful of significant improvements after a stay on rehab, alternative arrangements need to be considered in the event that a patient does not make enough improvements to return to their prior living situation. Alternative arrangements that may need to be considered are moving in with a friend or relative; having a friend or relative live with the patient; extra help in the home; or consider moving to a different home, assisted living facility or nursing home.

The evidence of success at the EASTAR Health Services Rehabilitation Program is seen by:

  • average of 82% of patients admitted return to their home
  • evidence-based progress toward rehabilitation goals
  • patient satisfaction rate of 98% (per patient satisfaction survey results)

We look forward to answering your questions regarding Rehabilitation Services at EASTAR Health System and welcome you to call us at 918-684-2395 or come by and visit our facility. Tours are available upon request.