EASTAR Surgical Services

Surgical Services (Also know as Perioperative Services) encompasses the Same Day Surgery Unit, the operating room, recovery room, endoscopy,  infusion unit, preoperative preparation (Access) and sterile processing and decontamination. What that means is an integrated department that is dedicated to both inpatient and outpatient procedures relating to surgeries, endoscopy procedures, and outpatient infusions. This department is located in the West side expansion of EASTAR Health System which was opened in 2007.

Perioperative Services takes pride in the skill, experience and dedication of our physicians and staff as well as in the new facilities. Each department plays a different role in the care of our patients, but all are devoted to making the procedures performed here to be as safe, comfortable and convenient as possible. All of the departments in perioperative services work together and welcome the opportunity to provide the care and caring necessary for the patients who visit us.

  • Access – the starting point for many of our patients. Located off the main lobby on the second floor immediately beside admissions, it is convenient for patients to come in and complete any pre-op testing and assessment that might be needed. Utilizing this department helps make the day of the procedure proceed quickly and smoothly
  • Same Day Surgery unit – this department is located immediately across from front lobby elevators on the third floor and provides both preoperative and postoperative care for most of the patients utilizing our services. Infusions for outpatients are also carried out here.
    Surgery – Located adjacent to SDS, both outpatient and inpatient procedures are performed there.
  • PACU (post anesthesia recovery unit) – Provides care post operatively until the patients are awake and stable enough to transfer to SDS or their rooms.
  • Infusion unit – Outpatient intravenous procedures are performed by an experienced staff
  • Sterile processing and decontamination unit – Certified staff decontaminates, processes, and sterilizes instruments and other equipment needed for sterile procedures.

Same Day Family Waiting Room- Our comfortable waiting area for family and visitors of Same Day Surgery patients features a children’s play area and cozy private waiting bays. Each bay is equipped with a phone so staff can reach you and family members can call you for updates, comfortable chairs and couches and reading material. Natural light fills the area, and complimentary coffee is provided by EASTAR Volunteer Services Department. There is also a soda/ water machine for your convenience. The waiting area is on the third floor, directly across from the Same Day Surgery unit.

Endoscopy Lab

Also adjacent to SDS, this unit is fully equipped to diagnose and treat conditions of the GI tract. Bronchoscopies are also performed there.