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Tips For Lawn Aeration

The lawn is a very crucial part of the landscape of a home. It determines how the entire outlook of the house is. This is why it must be taken care of in the proper manner. One of the ways that you can do this is by aerating your lawn. Aeration refers to the process of making small holes in the soil on your lawn to allow water and nutrients to get to the grassroots thereby allowing the grass to be much healthier.

There are several ways to aerate your lawn. You can choose to do it yourself or you can hire professional help if you do not have time for the task or if you feel that you are not up to it.

Best Ways to Aerate Your Lawn

Do It In The Right Season

Aeration will be much better when the soil is loose and easier to dig. The best time to do this is during late spring after the soil has become loose. In early spring the soil might be too hard due to snowfall. If you live in an area where the snowfall is heavy, then you have to wait until the last few weeks of spring to do the aeration.

You can also have the aeration during early fall, although this is not suitable for some types of grass. You will have to consult a professional and see when it is best to aerate depending on the type of lawn grass that you have. Choosing the wrong time to aerate can cause the grass to be overwhelmed with weeds or to dry up altogether.

Check Areas Used More

Places around the lawn that are stepped on a lot more need aeration because the grass will grow slower than that of the parts where there is no activity. You should have more hollows for the places around paths so that there is less soil compaction. Soil compaction is one of the reasons that the grass will become dormant.

Control Thatch Accumulation

Control Thatch Accumulation

Thatch is the build-up of the grass and other plants that have been trimmed. If the thatch accumulates and forms a thick layer, it prevents enough nutrients and water from getting to the grassroots. If you notice that you have a lot of thatch on the lawn, remove some layers and leave a thin layer. A thin layer of thatch will decay easily and provide nutrients to the grass, and it will let enough water through to the grassroots.

Monitor Water Levels

Do not water the lawn excessively after an aeration. Too much water will prevent the grass from growing properly, not to mention that some parts of the lawn will start to have taller grass than others. Ensure that you monitor the water levels properly so that the grass can grow evenly. Visit here to know, how to monitor water level accurately.

Know Your Soil Type

Soil Type

Knowing your soil type helps you to know how many times you should aerate. If your lawn has clay soil you may have to aerate two or three times a year since clay compacts faster than sand. Get more tips at http://discoverziehler.com/lawn-care-springboro

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